Today I’m celebrating three years since the end of my marriage. Three years since my world came crashing down and everything changed.

I sound crazy, I know.

But, while the past anniversaries of what I call “D Day” (Discovery Day: the day I discovered that my marriage wasn’t what I thought it was), I’ve dwelled on that painful memory. I shed tears. But this year, I realize that I control how I view this day, and I choose to celebrate it.

I am celebrating:

  • Recreating who I am and my life goals
  • Having some amazing friends in my life
  • Traveling independently every year
  • Being done with the divorce drama
  • Having a well-adjusted teenager
  • Being financially independent of any man
  • Having only possibilities in my future

There’s something powerful about changing your attitude toward something painful. You can let it consume you…or you can use it as a catalyst to make your life 1,000% better.

Tiramisu helps!

I'm a writer, author (yes, there IS a difference!), world traveler, and entrepreneur. I like cold foam lattes, sushi, and stout beer...just not usually at the same time.

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