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Intuitive Business Coaching Services

Mountain Path

Find Your Path

Know you're ready for something new but not sure what it is? In this four-week journey, we will explore not only your strengths but also your passions to guide you to the business that's waiting to be born in you.

We will also work through blocks that may be holding you back from greatness. By the end of the program, you will have a clear idea for the business that's waiting for you to claim it.

Program: 1 weekly call for 4 weeks

Price: $1,500

Design the Divine Business

Ready to start your business but don't know where to begin? In this eight-week program, I'll guide you with intuitive coaching, but the hard work is up to you.

You'll be given tools and strategies you can instantly use to set the foundation for launching a business that fulfills you spiritually, mentally, and financially. By the end, you will be ready to start serving customers with your gift.

Program: 1 weekly call for 8 weeks

Price: $2,500

Image by Kelly Sikkema
jen ruscin photo.jpg

Su helped me to birth my relationship and sex coaching business, which I'd been trying to wrap my arms around for years. My day job is ownership of a company that helps brands sell into mass retail, but I wanted to also connect deeper with human beings, helping them become their very best versions of themselves. With Su's help my website is live and I have my first few clients. I feel alive in this new work, and know I'm contributing to bettering others.

Jen, Relationship Manifestation Coach

Image by Sixteen Miles Out

Rekindle the Flame

Are you an entrepreneur who's lost the passion and drive you once felt for your business?

In this four-week intense program, we'll look at where and why you lost that passion and find tools and rituals you can use to reclaim it. By the end, you will have rekindled that flame and love for what you do.

Program: 1 weekly call for 4 weeks

Price: $1,500

Su used her intuitive insight to help me realize what I truly wanted to offer in my coaching program and then gently held me accountable to stay on task and complete everything I hoped to accomplish.

Lara, Sacred Wealth Coach

Digital Nomad Coaching

Are you ready to step out of your mundane life to become a digital nomad in another country?  Over three sessions, we will look at your options for bringing in money and plan the timeframe for you starting your business and moving to your new home.

Program: 1 weekly call for 3 weeks

Price: $1,200

Image by Jan Kopřiva

Want to learn more about my services? Get in touch today and see what I can offer you.

What to Expect

Each coaching program consists of:

  • Weekly 45-minute coaching calls on Google Meet

  • Monthly Goddess oracle card reading to guide next steps

  • Weekly assignments to move you forward toward your goal

  • Unlimited check-ins via email

  • Fun "woo" surprises

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