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Intuitive Expat Coaching Services

Mountain Path

Manifestation Mode

Dreaming of moving abroad, but not sure what that looks like? In this four-week journey, we will explore your options and set goals and a timeline for your expat journey.

We will also work through blocks that may be holding you back from making this dream a reality. I'll provide a Goddess Oracle Reading
 for divine insight. By the end of the program, you will have a clear path for where you're headed.

Program: 1 weekly call for 4 weeks

Price: $1,500

Timeline: 18-24 months before move

Crunch Time

Now you're in the thick of planning your move abroad, and you might be feeling overwhelmed with so much to do and no clear plan. You may also struggle emotionally since you're untethering from your life of comfort and safety.

I'll give you tools and strategies you can use to get organized with the logistics of your move. We'll also tap into Goddess wisdom to get guidance for where you need to put your energy.

By the end of these eight weeks, you will have a detailed timeline for all the tasks you have to complete, as well as emotional support for the process of letting go of your old life.

Program: 1 weekly call for 8 weeks

Price: $2,500

Timeline: 12 months before move

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The Newbie

Now that you've arrived in your new home, you may be surprised at how lonely and isolated you feel. And now that you've achieved this giant goal...what's next for you?

In this four-week program, we'll come up with a plan for you to integrate into the local culture, and we'll find strategies for you to overcome feelings of loneliness. Goddess will once again help us by providing you guidance on your direction.

Program: 1 weekly call for 4 weeks

Price: $1,500

Timeline: after arrival

What to Expect

Each coaching program consists of:

  • Weekly 45-minute coaching calls on Google Meet

  • Goddess oracle card reading to guide next steps

  • Weekly assignments to move you forward toward your goal

  • Unlimited check-ins via email

  • Fun "woo" surprises

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