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4 Must-Have Tech Travel Tools

Technology is important to me, so I’ve honed my travel tech down to a fine art. I wanted to share a few tech tools with you that I’ve either used or plan to in the future that make traveling a little easier.

1. Accessories Organizer

accessories bag

If you’re like me, you have your phone and tablet chargers shoved in your purse…or were they in the suitcase? Truth is, I’d stash them somewhere different every time so I could never find them when my phone died on a massive layover.

tech storage

I got this Porteplay Foldout accessories organizer and now I know exactly where my cords and headphones are. If only I could remember to put it in my under-the-seat bag rather than out of reach in my suitcase…

2. Cord Tacos

cord tacos

I just love saying that, don’t you? Cord Tacos snap around your rolled charger cord and keep them organized. I then toss them into my organizer bag! To make sure I don’t lose them, I snap them onto the opened cord when I’ve arrived at my destination and my cord is plugged in.

3. The Game Theory Backpack

game theory backpack

I was given a Game Theory Backpack to review, and I’m excited to put it into action on my next trip. This is a backpack designed with tech heads in mind: it’s got a padded pocket for your laptop as well as pockets for other devices and an internal USB cable and external USB port so you can connect your phone and charge it on the go.

anti theft backpack

When you travel to some places, pickpocketing is an issue (pick-backpacking?), so I was impressed at the fact that this backpack has its zipper close to your body, not external where anyone can unzip it and snag something from it. There’s also an RFID protection pocket that will keep your passport and credit cards safe.

4. Novoo AC Power Bank

novoo av power bank

Admittedly, when I first received the Novoo AC Power Bank to review, I was at a loss for how I’d use it when traveling. Because it weighs over 2 pounds, I wouldn’t pack it to fly anywhere. But then I went on my Central Coast road trip with my friends and I figured it out: I’d use it in the car to charge three people’s devices simultaneously!

Once you charge this power bank, it holds a charge for days and can charge multiple devices at once. It would also be good for camping and keeping a phone or tablet charged the whole time!

Technology can enhance travel for me, but it’s absolutely essential to stay organized on the go. I love innovative tech tools like these that take the stress out of travel!

I was given the Novoo AC Power Bank and Game Theory Backpack in exchange for an honest review.

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