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5 Christmassy Fun Facts About Me

Christmas is my favorite holiday, despite the fact that Max, as an 11-year-old, is just about done with all the magic and fun and just wants his presents. Here are a few interesting facts about me this time of year.

1. My Tree Has a Lot of Seafood on it

2015-12-11 19.21.04

Because I lived in the South much of my life, I’ve picked up (or been given by my mother) a lot of ornaments, and for whatever reason, Southerners love turning seafood remnants into ornaments. That means I have crawfish, oyster shells, and other sundry items decorating my tree. Except my cat thought that the crawfish claw was pretty tasty, so that one’s now gone…

2. I’m a Sucker for a Holiday Event

2015-12-05 18.30.47

Every year, we go to December Nights in San Diego. It’s a weekend-long festival in Balboa Park with food from around the world (my favorite part), rides, music, and more. I’m usually the one most into it, so I drag my friends and family to be a part of the 100,000 people who are there.

3. I Have a Crush on Bing Crosby

If ever there was a spokesperson for Christmas, to me, it’s Bing Crosby. I’ve seen all of his holiday movies (and there are a surprising number of them), but White Christmas is my all-time favorite. And I’ve had either his holiday record, cd, or mp3s my entire life in my holiday rotation.

4. I Send My Clients Gifts


Every year, I send my marketing company clients something fun. This year, I sent them a box of my favorite things, which included Tony Chachere’s seasoning and beignet mix, as well as the ornament above.

5. I’m a Tinseler

2015-12-11 19.20.03

I have fond memories of putting tinsel on the tree as a kid, though I always rolled my eyes when my frugal mom saved the tiny strands for the following year (her tinsel was probably older than I was). I decided to bring back the tradition this year…though I will be throwing it away with the tree when we’re done.

Merry Christmas!

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