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5 Reasons Smart Marketers Aren’t Sweating Google’s New Limitations

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

It’s been a big year for  changes from Google. First, Google started blacklisting content marketing tools like press releases and irrelevant backlinks. Then it locked up search data that helped marketers understand how people found their websites. It seems like as soon as the dust settles, Google’s got another algorithm that’s threatening content marketing.

How to do seo for a website

But while many small business owners and marketers are biting their nails, unsure of how to proceed, there are many of us who consider it business as usual. Here’s why savvy marketers aren’t changing a thing when it comes to marketing online.

1. We Always Write for People.  You know if you’ve read bad SEO-riddled content. It’s overflowing with keywords, with little value. For example:

Need New Jersey heating and cooling solutions? Our  New Jersey heating and cooling solutions are designed with you in mind. Call us today for a free quote on  New Jersey heating and cooling solutions.

Yea. People still do that. So are you really surprised that Google has put the smackdown on such behavior? Me either. Good content marketers have been writing valuable, conversational content for years, so they don’t need to make any changes here.

2. We’ve Never Been Obsessed with Keyword Density.  When I look for writing opportunities, I often see very specific requirements for content, like 2.5% keyword density. (FYI, keyword density refers to how many times a keyword appears in the copy) But I’ve found that content is better received when the keywords are placed where they make sense, rather than according to a rigid formula.

3. It’s Not Just About Getting to #1.  Too many companies have put far too much stock in ranking #1 on Google. But the real challenge is conversion. It does you no good to have a million visitors, or be ranked #1 if you’re not effectively turning website visitors into customers.

4. Analytics are An Accessory for Us, Not the Center of Our Universe.  I understand the importance of data in a content marketing strategy. But I don’t rely on it solely. Good thing, since Google has now encrypted all searches, which means I can’t tell which keywords people typed to find my site. I stay tapped into how people arrive on my site and what sorts of people are there, but I don’t obsess over it. You shouldn’t either.

5. We’re Constantly Creating Content.  Content isn’t a one-time thing. If you want to drive traffic to your site, you should be constantly developing new blog content, whitepapers, press releases, and web copy. Google wants to see fresh innovation coming from you, as do your visitors.

If Google’s changes freak you out, shift your mindset. It’s no longer (never was, actually) about keywords and numbers. It’s about delivering valuable content that people will want to click and share, and about convincing people once they’re on your website that you can help them solve the problem that they have. But you didn’t need Google to tell you that.

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