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5 Things I Love About Running a Business

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

Running a business certainly has its perks. You can expense lunches, not feel (too) guilty if you need a sick day, and you can make all the decisions (that’s a good thing, right??).


But I love even more about my marketing company, Egg Marketing.

1. The interesting people and products I get to work with. Every one of my clients has a unique product. Take Ryan Vinson of Versus Media. His company connects independent filmmakers and musicians, and fills a unique niche. Or Diana Lin Designs. They make the most amazing cuddly lightup pillow you’ve ever seen (and I’m betting you’ve never seen one before!). The list goes on, but I love that I get to help these clients market their creative and original products. 2. Being able to observe and participate in the ever-changing world of marketing. If you’re a marketing geek like me (and I’m guessing you’re not), this is an exciting time in the marketing and PR realm. I talk a lot about the shift that’s occurring, and how more and more people are using blogs, newsletters and online press releases as a means to promote their brand. Every day, there’s some new tool or method, and I love discovering them. 3. The creativity I’m allowed. I’ve recently been working on some creative direct mail campaigns that involved turkeys and forks. That’s all I’m saying. But to be able to express myself (and more importantly, my client) through creativity opens up doors in my mind that have been dormant through years of working under psychotic people (no, really. ask me about it sometime). 4. I never know what to expect. Each day is an adventure. I never know what the day holds, and I love taking it as it comes. I’ve learned to be open to salespeople and emails, because I’ve found a lot of good marketing resources this way. 5. Helping people grow their businesses. This is by far the best part of my job. I love it when I have successfully helped someone increase sales or exposure of their brand. I truly have a passion for helping people, and I love that I can do it through running a business.

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