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6 Places Where SEO is Important

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

Think Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is only important for your web copy? Think again. The better handle you have on using the right keywords to attract your target audience, the more traffic you’ll convert into customers.

Here’s where you should be putting your efforts for better SEO.

1. Your Blog

You want to make it as easy as possible for people to find your blog content when they’re Googling something. To that end, use keywords that appropriately identify what a given post is about. You can use  Google’s AdWords Planner  to determine what keywords are most popular, or just use common sense. Ask yourself what your post is about, and what people might search on to find your content.

2. Social Media

More and more, we’re seeing social updates appearing in search results (especially from Google +). Make sure to use  hashtags  so that your updates are categorized according to topics, and to, again, use the keywords that relate to what you’re talking about.

3. Your Website

Yes, it’s the most obvious, but it still bears discussion. Each page on your site (About, Services, etc.) should have a theme in terms of keywords. Don’t try to include 10 keywords on a given page; 1-3 will suffice. Make sure they fit naturally into the text, and don’t stand out as an obvious attempt to dupe Google.

4. Page Descriptions

You know how Google publishes a title for pages in a search, as well as a few sentences to tell you what each page is about? You fill these out for your own site (or your webmaster does, if you still have one of those). Include a single keyword in both the page title and the description, and make sure the copy really speaks to what a visitor will find on that page.

5. Your URL

When you create a new page for your website (or a blog post), ensure that the web link uses a keyword that identifies what’s on the page. For example, if I were to create a page on my marketing company’s website that discussed our content marketing services, you can bet I’d use to a) make it clear what that page is about and b) give Google more reason to rank me higher.

6. Your Yelp Page

If your business gets reviews on Yelp or a similar site, make sure to optimize your company description using keywords, including local ones. If you’re a restaurant in Toronto, make sure you use Toronto in the text, as well as the names of any nearby neighborhoods.

Keywords and SEO are important in any copy that is searchable online. Keep those keywords front and center, and you’ll drive more targeted traffic to your site.

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