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6 Tips to Optimize Your Marketing Emails

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

Not satisfied with your recent email campaigns? Too many prospects ignoring your emails? Effective emails will get people to take action to click, sign up, or buy, while ineffective ones will turn people off. Here are 6 tips to optimize your marketing emails.

1. Customize for better results

Choose a personal email for the sender rather than a generic address like “service” and send your message directly to the person you are contacting using his first name for example. Make sure the name of the signatory of the email is the same as that which appears as the sender. This personalization helps increase both the open rate of your email and also click through rates.

2. Write a convincing subject

Be punchy from the subject of your email. You must provide your target an obvious reason to open your message. And, above all, make sure that the subject will properly display in your inbox. I recommend you to keep your titles less than 45 characters.

3. Create a short and effective message

Your email campaign is based on an offer (downloading a white paper, for example). This proposal should be obvious to the person who will receive your email. You’ve got 5 seconds or less to help your recipient understand what benefit there is in opening your message. To accomplish this, summarize your subject and the email in the first two sentences. Then stay concise. In total, your message should not exceed 150 words if you want to optimize your marketing emails.

4. Remember to include at least one CTA

Your message must contain a call-to-action link to your campaign. (“Download our white paper,” for example). With a strong call-to-action (CTA), you will learn more about your lead. By testing out different ones and looking at response rates, you will know what term triggers his interest and how he progresses through the conversion funnel.

5. Adopt good timing

Study the behavior of your lead. If you need more information, do just use common sense at first: do not wait six months to get back to a prospect and do not send him an email a day for a month!

6. Evaluate the success of your campaign

Take regular care to measure the outcome of the campaign to improve it if necessary. For that, follow the indicators that will help you estimate the commitment of your target and compare these results with the goal that you had set for your campaign. Among the indicators to be monitored:

  1. Click rates

  2. New leads obtained

  3. Rate of conversion

  4. Churn

Bonus tip: Share content around the same topic

As part of nurturing a lead, you strive to maintain the connection with your lead until he is ready to make a purchase. You know you have gotten the attention of your lead when he downloads your white paper on a topic A, or after a conference on a topic B, or following a webinar on a topic C. All topics shared with him should be connected to A, B or C if you want to keep his interest.

Remember learning to optimize your marketing emails may be an ongoing journey, so learn from each iteration.

Stephen Karsch is a technology geek; he loves everything about tech, high tech, computers and programming, more about him you can find on his social profiles in and


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