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7 Almost-Effortless Ways to Engage with Mobile Marketing Automation

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

There are a lot of great ways to boost your mobile marketing, but if you’re short on time or personnel – or if you just want to work smarter, not harder – the very best thing you can do is learn a little more about mobile marketing automation. Not only does MMA software free you up to do some super important tasks only you can do, it also gives you more ways to engage with and learn from your audience. Sounds pretty win-win, right? Here are 7 ways you can make mobile marketing automation work for you.

7 Almost-Effortless Ways to Engage with Mobile Marketing Automation

Tip 1: Survey the Masses

You could spend countless hours combing research papers and poll data in an effort to figure out what consumers really want, or you could just ask them. Most mobile marketing automation software gives you the ability to send out feedback requests triggered by the actions of the app subscribers or mobile website users themselves, ensuring that when you reach out you’re connecting with the people for whom your message has the most meaning. Ask recent purchasers what they thought of your new m-commerce interface or check on customer service after a help desk call. The possibilities are endless, as are the potential benefits.

Tip 2: Serve Up Reminders

We’ve all gotten distracted in the middle of making a purchase or signing up for a service, and our mobile subscribers are no different. When potential enrollees or buyers fail to complete a multi-screen form or press the final confirmation button on a virtual cart full of goodies, you can set up MMA to send them a small nudge. A specific SMS message or push notification saying “You left stuff in your cart” or “We’re waiting to send you your first newsletter!” serves as a reminder that good things lie on the other side of just one more easy-to-execute action.

Tip 3: Get Local

Or is that location specific? Brick-and-mortar marketers have long known that checkout line candy displays can quickly override shoppers’ impulse control, and now we’re applying that same idea to mobile marketing. When you sign up people for your mobile services or SMS messaging list, ask them for permission to use cookie-like data collectors that sense when they’re near your real-world store locations or other relevant spots. Then you can set up an affordable SEO campaign based on your local geographic area to attract visitors to your website and complement that geographically sensitive strategy with mobile marketing that sends coupons or one-time-only deals straight to their phones (see more on this below) whenever your system sees they’re nearby.

Tip 4: Create Drip Campaigns

When someone signs up for your messaging campaigns, it can be highly beneficial to follow up with a series of text messages sent at purposeful and intervalled times. But as you grow, and new contacts flood in everyday, keeping track of who and when to send these drip messages can become overwhelming. Automation can carry out these campaigns for you instantly and automatically, and continue for as long as you want them to.

Tip 5: Give Instant Feedback and Incentives

One of the most basic forms of automation is based on a trigger-action relationship. Essentially, these features let you create a trigger that when set off, automatically makes the software carry out a desired action for you. So for example, if you operate a loyalty program, you could have a message automatically sent to a customer when they reach 9 points in your program, saying that they’re only one away from earning their reward. This not only gives them instant positive feedback, it also reminds them to be loyal to your store and repeat their business with you.

Tip 6: Dish Out the Deals

The experts at Juniper Research estimates that more than 2 billion mobile users will buy something via their smartphone or tablet in 2017. That means you have 2 billion people your m-commerce site can potentially contact and convert into a customer – hopefully one that stays for a long, long time. One great way to to do this is by offering deals and coupons automatically, with distribution being triggered by the purchase or browsing habits of the consumers themselves. Remember: mobile coupons can be up to 10 times more effective than their print-only counterparts, so amp up your efforts by:

  1. Sending SMS coupons to subscribers on their birthday, wedding anniversary, or subscription anniversary

  2. Offering discounts via push-notification to restaurant diners who have previously made a reservation via your app

  3. Sending an automatic thank-you note following a new purchase with a coupon for 15 percent off the next one

Tip 7: Test, Test, then Test Again

The only true way to know what works and what doesn’t is to test and analyze your inbound marketing campaigns. But, how can you do so without the right data? With the right automation tools, you can have software that collects all the data you need for you. Use the information to inform how you tweak future campaigns for maximum impact.

Marketing automation isn’t just for B2C companies, either; you can also use MMA to both nurture and qualify B2B leads, which is pretty powerful in of itself. No matter your industry or what type of clients you hope to inspire, automating at least part of your mobile presence allows you to be better and think bigger, leading to some pretty spectacular things all around.

Sophorn Chhay is an inbound marketer who specializes in attracting targeted visitors and generating sales qualified leads with Trumpia, a leading mobile messaging and marketing automation software that helps businesses and organizations communicate more effectively and efficiently with both their customers and members. They do this through a wide array of tools and features, as well as innovative enterprise solutions. Want to learn more?


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