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7 Common SEO Mistakes Behind Failure of Your SEO Campaign and How to Fix It

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

Are you an exhausted marketer who is fed up of unsuccessful strategies despite trying out everything? It happens … and in the world of SEO, it happens a LOT! Marketers and companies plan SEO campaigns with so much in their mind yet most of the times the results are nothing but zero. This is on account of the fact that there are one or more errors in different factors that make up a successful SEO campaign.

In some cases it can be a misunderstanding of customers’ trends, in others it can be false assumptions or too high expectations, while in a few there may be even more. Budget is another reason behind failure or the low output of SEO campaigns.

7 Common SEO Mistakes Behind Failure of Your SEO Campaign and How to Fix It

So how do you find out what are the real reasons behind your SEO campaign failure and how do you fix them? Don’t worry, this post will help you deal with the tough situation.

No matter if you are the fuel of your SEO campaign or paid an SEO executive for the job, you should ask these 7 questions to know if you are working on the right SEO campaign.

1. Are You Setting Up Realistic Business Goals?

Whatever you do, there’s always a motive behind it that motivates you to keep doing it. In SEO, setting goals is like a lifeline. Unless you have set realistic goals, you will end up in vain. Thinking to outscore Google by doing SEO on Google is nothing but a silly idea! You must set objectives that are not only realistic but are possible to achieve under a specific time period. Setting up a goal to leave Facebook behind sometime within 50 years with your app doesn’t seem so realistic or does it!

How to Fix It:-

Most businesses these days deal in multiple products and services. If this is your case then the best case scenario for you is to focus on one particular product or service initially and after you have achieved the output for it, only then move to the next. The more you mix up the things the more mess you create for yourself.

2. Do You Have a Realistic Timeline and Reasonable Budget?

Now, this is something significant for your SEO campaign’s success. Deciding a realistic deadline and budget for your strategy highly affects the outcomes you experience. Marketers are more concerned about getting instant results for less cost. Well, while that seems to be a desirable way yet it is not practically possible. Great results at minimal cost are hard to achieve in reality, or even if they can be, the cases are rare. The timeframe for achieving the results should be suitable so that enough time is given to work on it. Also, the budget invested should suffice to carry on the tasks without having to compromise.

How to Fix It:-

Very simple! Even though it does not mean that you need to give years or spend your whole capital for the purpose, but the budget and timeline for specific projects and campaigns should be set according to their priority, type, and other factors involved.

3. Are You Choosing the Right Keywords?

Okay so you might know about keywords, their importance, and how to pick them but are you sure the keywords chosen by you are appropriate and productive for your marketing strategy? Marketers often end up optimizing wrong keywords. Hiring professionals for the job can be a good idea to save yourself from any blunder. Yet, if you have decided on the keywords on your own ASSUMING the search trends and your target audience, without cross-checking with the real data, you are likely to fail in your purpose.

How to Fix It:-

The safer approach is to analyze keyword data with the help of acclaimed and reliable keyword research tools. Doing this will help you get an edge over your competitors by informing you what keywords they are targeting.

4. Is Your Website Unique?

Is your website engaging enough to keep visitors glued? Does your site take time to load? When you are talking about SEO, every factor of web designing also counts. A productive SEO campaign is incomplete without a professional website that speaks your brand and keeps visitors jelled. Attracting visitors and making them stay at your site is really important for improved conversions. The rate of conversions is the base for businesses to find out the success of their campaigns.

How to Fix It:-

You can likewise check for the below-mentioned points to see if your website meets the requirements or it needs a revive:

  1. Whether it’s engaging and fresh?

  2. Is the design too simple or too complex?

  3. Is it user-friendly?

  4. Is there intuitive navigation?

  5. Is it responsive, i.e. accessible smoothly on all platforms, including mobiles, desktops, tablets, and laptops?

  6. What’s user’s feedback on your site?

5. What about the Campaign and Traffic?

One of the great factors in your website’s popularity is the marketing campaign. What strategies you have made to achieve your target and drive traffic to your website can be a game-changer in the story. When you choose the wrong keywords, you have to face two situations:

  1. Not enough traffic to your website.

  2. Not the right traffic to your website.

In both cases, you will suffer great loss and your marketing campaign will never be fruitful unless you work on the solution.

How to Fix It:-

You can do this by different means yet the best way to find out whether your campaign is bringing your site the required or right traffic is to check the bounce rate of your site (for organic search traffic). Doing this will help you better understand the situation. A higher bounce rate in terms of organic search visitors means a difference in what visitors see on search results and then find on your website. You can differentiate the bounce rate for organic search visitors as well according to the visitor types. For example, visitors from referrals, direct visits, and so on.

6. Is Your Content the King?

Well, you all know how important content is and you piled up some high-quality content and pasted it on your site, stuffed with keywords! Wait! That might not work guys. The content on your website should not only be informative and user-friendly but it should also relate to what’s provided and they are looking for. You deal in apps then don’t boast about how good the phone is!

How to Fix It:-

Make content on your site not only search engine friendly but also something useful for users. Have a plan, a strategy for content and its optimization to come up with a successful outcome. When users find what they are looking for easily, they become happy, and so you become!

7. How to do Data Management and Optimization

Like anything, managing is the most important part of your campaigns too. You need to manage, track, and optimize your data on an ongoing basis for a successful SEO strategy in long term. Owing to this, you might need to do some changes and improvements but these will only help improve the productivity of your campaigns. At times, there may be a need for a complete revision of your website design, or web content, or something else. There’s no point in measuring the results of your SEO campaign on the basis of just one data point.

How to Fix It:-

Every factor must be considered and understood how and how much the rankings contribute to the traffic, which ultimately leads to conversion. When you follow this approach, you see all points as a united system and finding loopholes and deficiencies become easy.

So now you know why your efforts aren’t bringing the desired outcomes and you have these tips to fix them. A successful SEO strategy isn’t based on only one rather on multiple parameters that work together. So follow the above-mentioned tips and you should see better performance and outcomes out of your SEO techniques from now.

Author Bio:

I’m Rajiv Partap Singh, a Digital Marketer at WebSpero Solutions. However, blog writing is my passion and have been writing for the last 6 years on various niche and industries. Apart from blog writing, I am a Google Adwords Certified Member. In my free time, I love to meet new people at new places.

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