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A Girlfriend’s Getaway to Idyllwild

Ever since I visited Idyllwild to train for my Dolomite hike, I’ve been itching to go back. Recently I went with my friends, Lori (who had been before) and Sandra (who never had). We just stayed one night, but even that was rejuvenating.

A Few Hours of Shopping…

fairy house

There’s not a ton to do in Idyllwild if you’re not hiking (and we weren’t on this trip), though there is a cute shopping area guaranteed to help you while away a few hours. We also lucked onto an outdoor arts fest! Lucky us! Whether you’re looking for jerky, fairies for your garden, soaps, crystals, or clothing, there are more than enough places to spend your hard-earned money.

el buen cacao

I tend to spend my money on food, so it’s no surprise I found myself at El Buen Cacao, a tiny chocolate shop nestled among a small village of stores (also near the bathroom! Good to know!). I was as entranced by the daughter of the owners as much as the gorgeous truffles.

Followed by Food…

fratello's idyllwild

It wouldn’t be a Girls’ Getaway without great food, right? Our first stop was Fratello’s for an amazing meal. We shared cannoli, ravioli, and a salad and didn’t walk away feeling heavy and sleepy the way we often do with Italian food. We had room left for a beer at Idyllwild Brewpub, which was packed with locals and visitors (clearly we weren’t the only folks from San Diego there for the weekend).

idyology dessert

That evening, I took the girls to IDYology, which I’d discovered on my last visit with Debbie. It’s hard not to love this place. It’s under new ownership, but the owners are working to keep it an anchor for great music and food in this artsy community. The infectious sounds of the band, Tongue and Groove, reached us on the outdoor patio, where we were plied by the incredibly friendly staff with all manner of delights. The crowd was good here, and seemed more locals than visitors, which I liked. We closed out the meal with not one but two decadent desserts: a strawberry cheesecake and something that might have been Campfire Cake or something like that. The latter was moist dark chocolate cake piled high with marshmallows that were torched (thus the campfire). Wow.

And Off to Bed Like Good Girls

idyllwild bunkhouse

If you’re headed to Idyllwild thinking you’ll be up all night partying, this ain’t your town. We were back to Idyllwild Bunkhouse by 8, and we sat on the porch for a while, chatting. The Bunkhouse is rustic and spacious, and really gets you out of the big-city mentality. Sandra slept in the loft (I swore I couldn’t because I’d get up to pee and fall down the ladder and die), where she narrowly missed her head getting lopped off by the nearby ceiling fan.

After face masks and pillow fights (that’s what you assume we did, so we’ll go with that), we drifted off. It’s funny how hard I sleep in the woods. It’s like my body knows that I’m off of my normal timeline and that I’m surrounded by nature. No idea. But I slept well.

In the morning, we were provided with a delightful basket with fresh scones, apples, and oatmeal packets, which we enjoyed before exploring the trail behind the property.

We were quiet on the way home, savoring what was left of our time disconnected from our daily lives.

IDYology provided a comped meal in exchange for this review, however, all opinions are mine.

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