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Are You a Slave to Social Media?

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

Facebook. LinkedIn. Twitter.

It’s great to have so many tools available to connect to others and promote your own business. But when is enough enough? At what point is your social media use unhealthy?

Are You a Slave to Social Media?

I see an epidemic here in the marketing world. People are using not one, not two, but dozens of social media tools to promote their companies, and for what?? They have no time to work on their business. And they may not even be getting anything out of their efforts.

Don’t get me wrong. I am the Marketing Eggspert, so I’m all about social media and using the internet to promote your brand. But I have to say, today’s social media market is just too much for me. It was fine when we had a few basics, but now I’m getting invites from sites I’ve never heard of that are clones of the originals. It’s not possible to be everywhere.

Recently I’ve been encouraged me to join Twitter. I did. If you’re not familiar with it, Twitter is like instant messaging on steroids. You decide who you want to “follow,” meaning keep up with. People tweet messages on what their doing or interesting websites, blogs, etc. I’m following people I know at least a little. But it’s hard to follow the conversation, and it’s a time suck. You could spend all day reading other people’s tweets. It’s addicting, yes, but effective? Maybe for some, but I simply don’t have the time!

So how can you keep from being bombarded with too many social media sites to choose from? 1. Survey each site and see who its target audience is. You may not want to push your insurance product to teens on MySpace. 2. Ask friends and colleagues which sites they’ve got the most out of. 3. Do research online before you sign up. See what professional social media experts have to say.

Deborah Brown over at Small Business Trends has a great article that refers to other blog posts that give you advice on what social media tools are worth it and which ones are overkill called “Social Media: Valuable Marketing Tools or Time Waster?” Check it out.

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