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Attributes for SEO Success

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

It seems there is a wealth of information on offer for small businesses to take advantage of, whether it be the expertise of an SEO agency, the in-depth data of Google Analytics or one of many third-party management systems.

However, so much information can be overbearing, confusing and lead to hours wasted on trying to decipher what is important, what is not and ultimately what the next stage of an SEO campaign should be. Add to this additional channels such as email marketing, PPC and social targeting and small businesses can easily begin to get bogged down in the data and lose what’s important day-to-day – servicing customers.

So what are the key metrics to look for when looking for SEO success?

Attributes for SEO Success

Where are you ranking?

Keyword groups and targets offer an immediate external sign to the success of an SEO campaign. Carefully selected keywords, from extensive research, can be targeted. If a keyword group or particular keyword ranks better than it did previously then you’re on the right path. Going from pages 3, 4, 5 to page 2 can be relatively quick. Getting to page 1, and then the coveted number one spot can take additional time.

Think of keywords in groups of relevant searches. Google RankBrian understands keyword associations. So while a small technology may be selling CPM software, it is also worthwhile targeting things like SaaS and corporate software, as these both offer an association to the term.

Many see keyword ranking as a key indication that Google likes what is happening to your website, so effective rank tracking should always be in place.

Domain Authority and Trust Flow

Beyond keywords, take note of Trust Flows and Domain authority. These will be born from your link building campaigns. Quite simply the higher each is, the greater value Google sees in your site.

There are other elements, such as domain age and security certificates which can impact a DA or Trust Flow, but each is largely improved by link building.


It goes without saying that the ultimate goal of an SEO campaign is to improve the performance of a business. Each business will have different types of leads or conversions, but ultimately an SEO campaign should be sending them all in the right direction.

For an SEO Agency, an increase in leads and conversions should mean a greater ROI for clients – so be sure to work with a company looking to improve this from the start!

Understanding Short and Long Term Success

Following the use of these metrics, the key is to understand the difference between short and long term success. For example, an increase in keyword ranking can take time, but if after 3 months you’ve moved from page 4 to page 2, there’s progress.

Strong SEO work needs a strong foundation and this can be built over time by being understanding of your current SEO profile. An SEO audit can immediately highlight areas for improvement and the potential of improving metrics.

Author Bio:

Keith Hodges is an Account Manager at POLARIS. Joining the agency in 2014, Keith specialises in SEO and campaign strategy. Keith works across many of POLARIS’s key accounts, ensuring clients gain continual growth. Keith enjoys celebrating client success and meeting with clients. POLARIS is a leading SEO agency based in London. Specialising in the Healthcare, Travel and B2B sectors, POLARIS offer a wealth of knowledge from a dedicated team of SEO and Digital Marketing experts. Follow on Twitter.


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