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Become an Email Marketing Expert

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

Tomorrow I am giving a presentation on email marketing, so I thought I’d share my notes with you here. Also, I just got a link to this blog post: 100+ Tools & Tutorials to Optimize Your Email Marketing Campaigns. It’s an amazingly in-depth list of tools and resources that will help you improve your email campaigns.


Emails sent to your contacts should be informative and useful, not blatant, advertisements. Readers appreciate resources that help them, and they keep that in mind when they need your services or products.

How many emails should I send each month? The answer to this will vary with who you’re talking to. Given my experience as a sender (and as a receiver), I recommend two times per month:

  1. 1 newsletter: include 1-2 informative articles, 1-2 news blurbs on your company (interviews, press releases, podcasts), and a limited time offer, such as a coupon or special offer.

  2. 1 promotion email: pick a product or service to highlight and send out email 2 weeks after the newsletter.

What’s the best day to send my emails? It’s pretty commonly accepted across the board that the best times to send emails are Tuesdays through Thursdays, in the afternoon. On Mondays, people are flooded with email and catch-up work, so they’re more likely to delete your email. On Friday, people play hooky and don’t feel like working. In the mornings, people have more email, but by the afternoons midweek, they’ve caught up and have more time to read your email.

How often should I send emails about a promotion? People won’t respond the first time you send out an email about a promotion or event. I believe the magic number is 3. Not too much, not too little.

Who do I send my emails to? You’re surrounded by good email candidates every day. The obvious answer is your customers. But also people who you meet at networking events. You likely have a pile of business cards on your desk right now who would make good email subscribers. Also, you can add what’s called a widget to your website where people can sign up to get your emails and special offers. Just remember: anyone you sign up should be a good candidate for your emails! Make sure it’s relevant to them.

Where can I find a good email program? For your money, I recommend Constant Contact. It’s simple to use and has tons of great templates you can use for press releases, newsletters and promotions. They even offer a 60-day free trial, which is plenty of time to get used to how it works.


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