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Blogging & Your Business Day 4: Free Advice From the Experts

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

Everyone loves free advice. That’s why you’re here, right? We dig down and get the best advice from our panel on blogging and your business success.


Give Us Some Great Blog Advice.

Tammy Munson: Remember that having a blog is just another tool in your marketing toolkit you also need to use a variety to really make an impact. Don’t just depend on your blog to do it all for you!

Liz Strauss: If you’re not blogging, you’re missing a major opportunity. However, it easy to get caught up in blogging for other bloggers so stop each morning and remember the people you want to reach.

Vikram Rajan: Nobody cares what you know, until they know how much you care.

Dawud Miracle: Write about what you love. Forget monetizing and money-making initially and just write about what you love. Don’t put the pressure on yourself to build a business or increase your income through your blog. Just write about what you love. I’ve said it three times on purpose. When you put your knowledge of a topic together with your passion, amazing things can happen in the blogosphere.

Of course, if you have a business, you want to be writing about what you do and what you know. But if you’re not passionate about that, you may need to take a long, hard look at what you’re doing for a living. Other bloggers, and blog readers, will respond to your love and your passion – as well as your knowledge. Look at all the successful blogs out there and you’ll find this. And don’t think that blogging is a fix-all for your business troubles. I’ve had plenty of consulting and coaching clients start with me thinking all they need to do is drive massive traffic to their blogs and the clients will just poor through the phone. But it’s not that simple. Traffic to your site isn’t everything. If you have a business, you need to look at every part of it. You need to know, for instance, why it is you’re not ‘closing’ deals on the phone when prospects do call or why no one is responding to the offers you put on your websites. Having a viable, successful long-term business centered around your blog means looking at all the places your business could be doing better and making it work better. Not all at once, mind you, so don’t get overwhelmed. But certainly, with a consistent, clear approach to getting from where you are to where you want to be.

Beth Agnew: Be very clear on what your blog is supposed to accomplish. Vanity blogs are not for business use, a business blog should focus readers on the core competencies of the business and the people involved with the business to build credibility and get revenue.

Kevin Eikenberry: Read blogs, follow links, and read more blogs both before you start and as you are blogging. This activity will make you a better blogger. Keep a focus for your blog – and make that focus match the needs and interests of your Customers/Clients.

Susan Guillory: Never stop learning. Blogging and your business (and technology in general) change every single day. The day you decide not to read a blog or read about blogs could be the day your business’ competitors do read something valuable and get that edge on you. It may not seem like blogs are everywhere, but they will be before you know it. Do you want to adopt the technology after the fact??

Meet a Panelist Beth Agnew is a writer, educator, laughter leader, and business consultant. She solves business problems by improving communication, marketing, and people. She also helps businesses and people grow so they can achieve their potential and enjoy life. Check out the Beth Buzz!

Susan Guillory is a content magic maker and intuitive business coach. She specializes in working with small businesses to come up with a marketing strategy that fits their needs and budget. She is passionate about Marketing 2.0 and shoestring marketing techniques.


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