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Book Review: We by Steve Yastrow

A while back, I posted my interview with Steve Yastrow, author of We: The Ideal Customer Relationship and Brand Harmony. I just finished We and wanted to share my thoughts.

Too often in marketing, we focus on attaining a new customer. How can we get their attention? What will make them buy? But, as Steve points out in his book, equally important is building a relationship with that client once we’ve attained them.

There are two ways your clients can think of you:

  1. Us and them: client thinks of you as having separate goals and needs than he does

  2. We: client considers you almost an extension of himself, and knows that your goals are aligned

So how do you create a “We relationship?” It’s all about listening. Rather than forcing your agenda down a client’s throat (X Product comes with this feature! This benefit!), listen to what they’re saying and what they need.

Also, be present. When you’re talking to a client, don’t think about your next appointment or the Red Sox game. Pay complete attention to the person you’re speaking to.

In order to create a memorable encounter with a client (or potential), Steve says you must:

  1. Engage in the Moment

  2. Create Conversation

  3. Make it Unique

This is a great book by Steve Yastrow, and I highly recommend it, no matter what your role at your company.

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