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Chinese New Year: 5 Signs From the Sheep to Achieve Email Marketing Success

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

According to the Chinese Zodiac, 2015 is the Year of the Sheep. So what does that mean? On the surface level, the Year of the Sheep represents a yin energy, harmonious co-existence, and tranquility for individuals under the Sheep sign. But with a little bit of a closer eye, the Sheep can offer valuable lessons for email marketing success as well.

From lucky numbers and colors to standard Sheep characteristics, this astrological year presents a significant opportunity for email marketers.

Chinese New Year: 5 Signs From the Sheep to Achieve Email Marketing Success

Here’s a look at five key best practices for email marketing success the Sheep has to offer for 2015:

1. The Year of the Yin: Find Your Balance Between Content and Promotions

This Chinese New Year falls under the Yin, of the Yin and Yang symbol, highlighting the softened character of the Sheep and the content side of email marketing. Any email campaign requires the proper balance of relevant content and appealing promotions. This year, marketers should keep a careful eye on the content, not allowing deals and discounts to overpower the message. Remember, content is king and a contributing factor to creating customer loyalty.

2. Reap the Results With a Red Call-to-Action

One of the Sheep’s lucky colors is red—a color that can reap astonishing benefits for email marketers as well. According to a recent study, red call-to-action buttons were found to yield better results among users when paired against a green button, receiving 21 percent more clicks. This could mean a significant increase in website traffic and may potentially produce an overall increase in online purchases for your brand. When possible, marketers should leverage red call-to-actions to benefit the brand and increase ROI. Say goodbye to the black sheep of email marketing and learn from the red.

3. Keep Calm and Analyze

According to the zodiac, individuals under the sign of the Sheep are incredibly analytical and tend not to act spontaneously. Likewise, marketers should practice patience before executing on an email campaign, and carefully analyze all accessible data to draw insights into customer preferences.

Knowing your customers is key when developing targeted and successful email campaigns. So plan ahead and use previous user engagement to determine the best subject, time of day, offerings and calls-to-actions. With one quarter of 2015 completed already, review the data over the first three months and apply Sheep-insight to replicate what worked and fix what didn’t in order to achieve optimal success.

4. Sheep Are Flexible, And You Should Be Too

Those under the Sheep sign are known for flexibility and adaptability. Similarly, when conducting an email campaign, marketers should be adaptable to any type of customer interaction. By monitoring user behavior and leveraging data to develop a comprehensive workflow campaign, you will be prepared to pivot in any direction for multiple variations of follow-ups.

Use workflows and automated messaging to set up at least a two-part campaign that will respond to different scenarios for you. There will inevitably be non-openers, skimmers and engagers who falter at checkout, so take the necessary steps beforehand to be ready for any situation. The Sheep knows it best: flexibility yields success.

5. Three is The Lucky Number, For Testing of Course!

In 2015 one of the lucky numbers is three, directly correlated to a marketer’s magic number when crafting the perfect subject line. The right subject line is an email marketer’s secret weapon and a key driver to increase click-through and open rates. To achieve this success, be sure to always put your lucky number to the test by using A/B testing with a minimum of three different subject lines before selecting the winner for your campaign. This way, you can identify the most effective subject for your target audience right from the get-go and achieve significant results.

By combining the Sheep’s lucky number and the power of A/B split testing, you’ll be sure to hit the stars with your email marketing success.

The Chinese New Year may commonly be seen as a time for celebration among one specific culture, but with the right astrological perspective, the Year of the Sheep can offer a few email marketing best practices as well. Follow these signs from the stars and reap the Sheep’s success!

Seamas Egan, Manager of Revenue Operations, Campaigner, is an experienced technology leader in the SAAS space. Known for his strategic vision and operational excellence, he has a proven track record of delivering results. Having worked in Sales, Marketing, Operations and Corporate Development, Seamas has a wealth of knowledge in running and growing business through fundamental business principles and out of the box thinking. His experience in strategic development across multiple channels has resulted in working with small business owners to global enterprises. Seamas is a thought leader in eCommerce and is particularly versed in Digital Media and Email Marketing.

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