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Combining SEO, SMM, and Adwords to Make a Success of Your Business

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

Promoting a business online is a multifaceted one these days. It is no longer enough just to do search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, and paid advertisements using Google Adwords.

You need to do all of them in concert to make a success of your business without breaking the bank. However, establishing a symbiotic relationship with these three facets of online marketing is not always easy. Here are some issues you will encounter.

Combining SEO, SMM, and Adwords to Make a Success of Your Business

It’s easier to rank if your site doesn’t

Upgrades in the Google algorithm (specifically Hummingbird) has made it much simpler to rank higher in search engines provided your website delivers useful information in a convenient fashion to users. This means that as long as you have top quality content that is easy to navigate, then you don’t have to jump through hoops to get a good position in a relevant keyword search.

This blog is a great example of useful (well, entertaining) content in a simple-to-understand format that gets more than 14,000 pageviews without even trying to kick it on social media. The blog author has a dismal social media following, but he’s getting the page views, probably because some of his posts are getting shared a lot on social media.

The purpose of the blog is simple: giving you a reason to giggle. There is no real need to consciously put in keywords, because they are just organically in the post, and search engines can find it.

Can you imagine how many more views he’ll get if he actually made a business decision to have a serious SEO strategy and professional SMM plan? Right now, he’s (probably) not paying a cent to get people to his site; on the other hand, he’s not making any money either, but it just shows that you can get people on your site without going ballistic with the currency.

Organic works!

Yeah, it really does with the new algorithms. You don’t have to make a point of putting in the right keywords if your post is faithful to the purpose of the blog. The blogger probably has a day job, because he posts erratically, but he is still doing better than more consistently managed blogs are.

As long as your title and meta description are accurate representations of the content, you will achieve good SEO. In this particular site, it does not rank on the top of a Google search engine search for any relevant search term other than “reasons to giggle” (the blog title),  but much of its traffic still comes from Google.

What’s the lesson here? You don’t have to be top-ranked or have a fantastic social network following to get good page views. It helps, but it isn’t necessary, especially if all the money you’re pouring into improving your ranking and SMM is not leading to the conversions you need. You should instead pay more attention to making your site more organic, and better organized, and bask in the warmth of free traffic.

Google Adwords builds the bridge to business

Given that you are getting free traffic from organic SEO and SMM, where does that leave you in terms of income generation? The free traffic you get without targeted keywords is nice, but it may not lead to conversions. That’s fine if you’re just having fun such as the Reasons to Giggle guy, but if you are running an online business, laughs are not going to cut it. This is where Google Adwords can bridge the gap.

Targeted keywords are what will usually get you clicks that convert, but they are usually in high demand, cost a bundle and can be hard to insert organically into your post. Some keywords are so popular that it is almost impossible to rank with them. So what do you have to do?

If you are serious about bolstering your sales with Google Adwords, you can incorporate these paid keywords in your affiliate advertising campaign in addition to geat content. This means paying Google to feature your ad prominently in relevant keyword searches, depending on how much you are willing to pay. It is important to remember that you don’t have to bid the highest (to get the top rank) to convert if you can’t afford it; you just have to work harder.

The PR value of SMM

Picking up on how posts shared on social media may have helped our featured blogger get a lot of page views, it follows that a good SMM plan can only increase these pageviews considerably. You can make do with shares from your family and friends, but if you’re hoping to make a profit, you can’t leave it to chance.

Social networks do play a big role in generating interest in your site, and used with organic SEO and targeted affiliated advertising can help you convert. Its most important role of SMM, however, is in managing your online reputation. People tend to trust businesses with whom they can communicate easily, and social networks are the best venue for this. If they have an inquiry, you can get back to them at once. If they have a problem, you can address it without much trouble. If they just want to say hi, you can say hi back as well.

Organic SEO, professional SMM, or paid advertising alone can help you with your business, but together they can do much more. If you have the right strategy combining these three marketing methods, your online business can really take off.

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