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[COUNTDOWN] Moving to Italy in Two Weeks!

Ciao tutti!

In two weeks, I will be landing in Rome on terra firma in my new country.


I haven't written much because I've been busy packing, giving LOTS of things away, and soaking up my friends, son, and San Diego as much as I can.

There's so much info I want to share about the whole immigration process, but I'll wait until I'm settled in. Not to worry: I'll tell you how I shipped my boxes, how I shipped my cats, and how I managed the millions of other minutae along the way.

I'm still in the thick of it.

I'm so sad to be leaving my amazing friends. I hadn't realized how many I had until they came to celebrate my new adventure this weekend.

Never have I had so many friends or such amazing ones. It's a genuine fear that I won't find their counterparts in Italy!

I choose to look at things in my life as a series of adventures. These cherished folks have made the 12 years I've lived in San Diego unforgettable. Some I will see again, while others I will not. And that's okay. We came together when we needed each other most.

What more can a girl ask for?

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