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Do You Leverage Online Marketing?

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

by Natalie Grbic

Many business owners contemplate over which type of marketing technique they should utilize to market their product or services. In my opinion, both online marketing and offline marketing will produce results. The answer is completely up to you.

Offline marketing includes leaving brochures, business cards, and catalogs at high traffic places. Newspaper ads are another great example that some people decide to use. Online marketing consists of pay-per-click ads, press releases, social networking sites, and purchasing leads. Of course, there are plenty of more examples one can use, but these are just a few important ones.

Your business belongs to you, so deciding which method fits your company is your choice. You may encounter some trial and error, but trial and error is good because it gives you insight on which technique works and which does not. Many people find that online marketing works for them and have no desire for changing. However, it could be the opposite for people who use offline marketing.

Both online and offline marketing techniques produce results. Although, keep in mind that the key point is that the more you expose your business, the faster things will go and the cash will start rolling in.


Here are some questions to ask yourself to see if online or offline marketing is better for you (likely you’ll have a hybrid of the two).

  1. Are my customers mostly local?

  2. If yes, there are more offline techniques that will work, such as networking, local ads in publications and phone book ads. You can also include online pay-per-click ads targeted at a geography

  3. Do I have a product I can sell anywhere?

  4. Online is the answer for you. You should have an online store and advertise on search engines and sites related to what you do.

  5. Do I have a small budget?

  6. If so, more online techniques will fit your budget and get you more results.

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