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Eggcerpts from Natalie: Marketing, Marketing Everywhere

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

As the semester comes to an end, I stop and think how much I have learned this semester. I took five Marketing classes, which let me add, was a full load, but I enjoyed every single minute of it. Not only do I like Marketing, but I use it in every day life. Just like you!

Marketing, Marketing Everywhere

Marketing is used each day by everyone. You may think you’re immune to marketing messages, but you’re not. For instance, when you take a trip to the grocery store, the grocery store is marketing its products to you, and you, as the consumer, are part of the marketing process. You react to price changes, bad/good customer service, and interactions with other consumers. Another example would be driving down the highway and noticing billboards. Companies advertise their products/services everywhere; therefore, marketing is part of everyone’s lives.

Being a Marketing major, I tend to notice more advertisements than I did before I took marketing courses. I flip through magazines, and notice all the ads that “pop out” at me. I find really good ads with bright colors and unique, catchy phrases. Other times I flip through and observe advertisements that are boring, unexciting ads that would never catch the consumer’s eye.


I used to be one of those people who thought I was immune to marketing. I don’t let commercials tell me what to buy. I scoff at magazine ads. But a window display of shoes? Well, that’s not really marketing, is it?

Marketing is sometimes subtle. It’s the Cadillacs that subtly fill your screen on the underrated show Daybreak (I SWEAR I don’t just watch it because Taye Diggs is in it!). It’s Fall Out Boy’s YouTube “Beat It” video. It’s my blog. Marketing is anything that gets you to move, be it to buy something, visit a website or go to a store.

Where does marketing find you?

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