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Elevate Your Email Marketing Using Behavioral Targeting

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

Email marketing, as discusses, is the tried and true best method of reaching your target audience to draw new customers in and keep existing customers coming back. The digital age has birthed all sorts of online marketing, but the direct contact with a customer that an email newsletter provides cannot be matched by any other form of online communication. And while mass email marketing is still popular and commonly used, more marketers are turning to a more personalized approach known as behavioral targeting.

Elevate Your Email Marketing Using Behavioral Targeting

Behavioral targeting allows you to tailor content based on customers’ preferences, browsing, and shopping habits. With this method, your direct mail marketing takes the user’s website activities or past purchases and uses those statistics to personalize the delivered content. Rather than sending a generic message, a targeted email offers product suggestions based on the recipient’s purchase history, or offers of additional orders for items the customer might want more of, such as a magazine subscription or vitamins. While some customers may feel that behavioral target marketing is a little intrusive, the majority find that tailored, personalized offers are not just more interesting to look over, but are actually worth clicking for and then purchasing.

It makes sense that if you’re going to be putting forth the effort to communicate with your customers via emailed correspondence, then you should go the extra mile to make sure that the content you’re providing is something they’re going to want to read.

Behavioral targeted marketing is all about engaging customers via relevant messaging. With existing customers, you’ll find that setting up campaigns that are tailored not just by their purchase history, but by their age and gender and even their geographical location, is much more likely to produce positive results. For instance, a 65 year old female customer in Minnesota would be more likely to purchase a heated blanket after you made the suggestion of one via email in October, while the 24 year old man in Georgia may not be as interested.

You can take behavioral targeted marketing to the next level by implementing strategies within your website that offer visitors a personalized experience based on what they’re looking at, and/or what their browser cookies contain. Just as there are targeted ads that make product suggestions based on what a visitor has recently viewed or clicked on, you can set up both your email newsletters and your website to provide recipients and visitors with suggestions that are tailored to what they themselves are looking at.

Karleia Steiner is a freelance blogger residing in Utah. Away from the office she enjoys spending time with her family and friends.


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