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Email Marketing: 5 Creative Email Ideas that Will Keep Your Message Out of the Trash

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

Creative email marketing can be one of the most effective ways to stay in touch with your customers and prospects, but it must be done in the proper way. So many businesses now use email marketing that it has become very competitive, and customers’ inboxes are becoming filled with messages that come from a variety of different companies. Because of this fact, you must be creative in your approach to ensure that your emails get opened and read. If you think that you can get by with just sending normal emails to your customers, you will be disappointed to find all of your hard work and effort is going to spam and trash folders. Thus, here are 5 tips that will not only keep your emails in the inbox, but that will also ensure that they are fully read by your customers.

Email Marketing: 5 Creative Email Ideas that Will Keep Your Message Out of the Trash

1. Share Something Useful

If your emails are nothing but pitches with links to sales pages, people will quickly tire of reading them. Yes, people like to receive notification of deals and sales that are taking place, but they more than likely will care very little about these things if they don’t want to buy your product. This makes it so that when they actually need something that you can offer, they will be much less likely to look at your emails once again and try to find a deal. If you want to make sure that your creative emails never become repetitive, you need to offer content that can be useful for everyone, even for those that have no interest in buying your product at the time.

For example, if you have a landscaping business, you don’t want to be sending emails every week that highlight the special deals and services that you can offer. Instead, send an email once a week that gives people some advice on how they can care for different aspects of their property. Try to correspond these pieces of advice with the season of the year, and make sure that it is quality of information that they probably do not know. You can then include a special deal or an advertisement for your services at the bottom of the email or on the side, but the actual information should be the main content of every piece of mail. This will ensure that your emails are read, and that your information is easily accessible when people actually need your services.

2. Avoid Too Much Hype

Using hype in your subject lines and within the body of your emails not only turns off many people, it can also cause your message to be labeled as spam. Spam filters identify certain words that are often used in spam emails, such as “free,” “money,” “50% off” and so forth. You should also be careful about using too many exclamation points, capital letters, or bold text. These are all features that can get your message sent to the spam box.

The best way to avoid hype and steer free of automated spam filters is to make your creative email as natural as possible. When you are writing the email, pretend like you are talking to one of your customers. While you do not want to have a long and drawn out conversation, you do want to be friendly and personal. When you get to the point while also sounding human, spam filters will usually not be a problem, and people will be much more likely to read your entire message, instead of only highlighting the hyped areas.

3. Appeal to Local Readers

Whether you are a local, national or global business you should keep in mind that people respond to information that pertains to them specifically. That’s why it can be very powerful to tailor your offers and messages to people based on where they live. If your business does work over a broad area, or even throughout the entire work, it is essential that you work with a service such as Marketing Exchange that helps you create local campaigns. Local marketing companies will not only know how to best reach out to a specific area, but they will be able to manage your entire campaign in a specific region, which can reduce the workload of running a broad marketing campaign.

The key to getting your emails into the inboxes of people across a broad area is to create segmented email lists. Even if you are appealing to people within the same city, there are more than likely parts of the city that have different lifestyles, cultures, and needs. While the best thing to do is to write individual emails to people, sufficiently narrowing down different areas with your email lists will give you close to the same effect, and with a smaller amount of work.

4. Create a Sense of Urgency

While you don’t want to over hype your messages, you also want to let people know that they must respond soon if they want to take advantage of your offer. If you leave dates open-ended, people can put aside your email and forget about it. You can create deadlines based on dates or on the number of people the offer is open to, such as “The first 100 people who respond.”

When you are installing a sense of urgency in your emails, it is important that you maintain a delicate balancing act. If you do not give people enough time or reasonable hope to get the deal, they will more than likely pass it up, since they won’t want to be pressured into buying something. If your emails are urgent enough, people will put it to the side, with many forgetting about the deal. The perfect time limit for most deals will be a few days to a week, which will give people time to think and not feel pressured about making the purchase.

5. Use a Clear Call to Action

If you want your readers to visit a certain website, make sure that the link is highly visible. You should also mention the specific benefit that they will get by taking action. It’s best to use it at least twice in the message, once in the middle and once at the end. By not putting your call to action right at the beginning of your letter, people will be more willing to read your actual content without thinking that it is spam. They will then find the call right after they have made the commitment to read all of your content, hopefully finding by the end that they need the services or products that you offer.

These are some of the ways that you can get better results from your creative email campaigns. Your first goal is to get people to open your message in the first place, which is why the subject line is so crucial. After that, you must focus on your message and call to action.

Chaleigh Glass is a writer and photographer that is from NYC. While she specializes in marketing, especially with concern to social media usage, she can be found writing on a wide variety of different subjects. When Chaleigh isn’t writing, you can find her exploring the big city or traveling.


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