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Happy Birthday to a Next-Gen Traveler

Today my son, Max, turns 13. He’s been traveling from a young age, and I’m so proud that he has learned to appreciate what travel teaches us and gives us.

He plans to study college in Amsterdam, which would make me so happy. Recently he got on a kick of wanting a pet fox.

“Good news! When I move to Europe, I can have a fox. They’re legal there.”

I laughed out loud. Good for him!

Travel has made Max come out of his shell. He’s learned to walk to the local boulangerie and order a baguette en francais, without the assistance of an adult.

breakfast in france

He has navigated the streets of San Francisco like a pro, picking out his favorite spots to visit.

ramen in Japantown

He’s clambered up boulders in the desert, despite being (mentally) allergic to all outdoor activities.

camping anza borrego

It’s my biggest birthday wish that this young man will continue to feed the fire of travel. That he will explore the world and let it show him a perspective beyond his own.

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