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How to Choose Keywords for Your Website

Whether you dive fully into SEO or just dabble a bit, keywords are a must for your website. They’re the key (get it) to people finding your website when they’re searching online. If they’re not properly targeted, they will lead the wrong people to your site, and keep the right ones away. Here are some tips for identifying and using the appropriate keywords for your website. The information is adapted from Search Engine Optimization All-in-One For Dummies, which I reviewed here last week.

Start Brainstorming Keywords for Your Website

You know what you sell, and the type of person you consider your ideal customer. Start by thinking about the words that those people would search for to find your site.

  1. What words would you use to find your own product?

  2. Are there other terms for what you sell (i.e. someone might call a Jacuzzi a hot tub’)?

  3. Are there industry terms for my products?

See What’s Out There

Search those keyword phrases you came up with and see what results appear. Does it make sense for your keywords to fall into these results? If so, add them to the list of keywords that you’ll use for your website.

You can also use keyword research tools like Ubersuggest, which gives you keyword ideas based on the content of your website. You can also find how hard it is to compete for a given keyword. Aim to use keywords that have less competition so you rise higher in search results.

Keyword Tips for Your Site

Only use one keyword per page of web copy or blog post. Use it a few times throughout the copy. The opinion varies on how many times you should use a given keyword, but Yoast SEO (a free WordPress plugin I highly recommend) suggests 0.5-3% keyword density.

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