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How to Generate Traffic for Your Website

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

Here’s a topic I’m sure we all need to pay more attention to: how to generate web traffic.

Sometimes I spend a lot of effort on getting visits to my site. Other times? Not so much. But with a little effort you can start a snowball effect and get more traffic to your site without doing much. First, though, roll up your sleeves. It’s time to work.

Step 1: Look at your site. The first step to getting traffic is making sure your site is a friendly place to be. Is it easy to navigate? Understandable? Do people have to scroll down to read all of your copy (that’s a bad thing). Make your web copy concise and to the point.

Step 2: Do you have SEO? If you don’t know what SEO is, find out. Your site needs to be rich in keywords that people are searching for. This article, for example, would have good SEO ranking for the term “generating traffic to your website” or “how to get traffic on my website.” Use these keywords in the copy and behind the scenes in the metatags and descriptions.

Step 3: Start promoting. The sky’s the limit when it comes to places you can promote your website. Remember to do it in a non-pushy way. As in don’t force people to go to your website. Find a natural reason a contact on Facebook or Twitter would want to go. Try this.

@lostinmarketing I heard your confusion about email marketing. check my blog. it’s got good articles on how to do email marketing successfully. [website]

You want to provide value. Here are some places you can promote your website and generate web traffic:

  1. Facebook: Post an occasional link on your wall. Include RSS to your blog.

  2. Twitter: Have your website in your profile and find a way to suggest it usefully as in the above example.

  3. Blog: Blogs and websites are great cross-promoters. On your blog, include your website in the Blogroll. On your website include link to blog.

  4. Article marketing: On article directories like, you can submit articles in your field. Include a link in the About the Author section.

  5. Other blogs: Post relevant comments on other people’s blogs. Your link will be included.

  6. Press releases: Any time you put out a press release, it should include multiple links to your site.

  7. Email: Your web address should be in your signature so that every person who gets an email from you gets your website.

And remember, the more contacts you have, the more people will visit your site. Work to increase your Twitter and Facebook contacts and maintain the relationships so that people have a reason to click the link to your site!

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