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  • Su Guillory

How to Make Your Email Signature More Effective

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

Think you’ve got your marketing channels covered? You might be missing a fairly obvious one: your email signature. While you might have the basics covered in your signature (phone number and website), it’s valuable real estate for your marketing.

First, Get the Basics Right

It may sound simple enough to include your contact info in your signature, but you’d be surprised how many people get it wrong. The key is to keep it short. Pick one phone number, not four. Don’t bother with your mailing address. Use hyperlinked words, rather than ugly URLs.

Avoid colored font. They’re too distracting. Look at email signatures that land in your inbox and take from the ones that you like.

What Links Do You Want to Promote in Your Email Signature?

Most people create their email signature and then never change it. But your marketing probably does change, right? If you’re promoting a new book or product on social media, update your signature to include a link to it.

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