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How to Use Your Business’ Birthday as a Customer Appreciation Tool

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

As I’ve blogged here before, every year on Egg’s birthday (June 30, if you’re curious), I send our clients birthday gifts. Seems backward to give gifts on our birthday, but it’s fun, and there’s purpose.

How to Use Your Business' Birthday as a Customer Appreciation Tool

For one, I don’t talk to many of our clients on a regular basis, or if I do, it’s purely transactional and via email. Sending an egg-shaped gift surprises and delights people. It makes them think more about us as a company, and it humanizes us. It’s a fantastic customer appreciation tool.

This year, a client we aren’t currently working with reached out to thank me for the gift. He also brought up a potential project. Coincidence?

Another client gave us some great social media love.

I simply want everyone Egg works with to know that they’re a big part of our success, and thank them for their support of our little hatchling company.

Steal This Idea

I didn’t patent the birthday gift idea. You can use it too! If you’ve got a handful of clients, you can spend more money per client and give them something unique and thoughtful (skip the fruit basket here). I found a beeswax candle company in Ohio that made egg-shaped candles, and paired them with cute egg cups with feet. Creativity counts here.

Along with the gift I use as a customer appreciation tool, I write a handwritten note thanking the client for our business relationship, and try to include something personal to connect. Give it a shot when your next business birthday comes around.


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