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Is On-Page SEO Working? [Infographic]

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

If you’re a seasoned online marketing guy, I’m sure you’ve read a lot of “SEO is dead” kind of articles. There are over 330k results returned by Google if you search for this topic. It is a very old-school topic which has been under discussion for years! But is it really dead?

A recent study about all the on-page SEO factors we’ve been discussing for years has confirmed it. Google no longer rely on title tags, h1, meta descriptions etc to rank a page.

However, this doesn’t mean SEO is dead. It just evolved.

Search engine optimization has remained a mystery for most online marketers, and it often doesn’t bring the results they expect after applying so-called “best practice” on their website.

They also see other pages ranked on top for a specific keyword when the website doesn’t even apply “best practice”, further convincing them that on-page SEO is dead.

An infographic made by GetClicks has just helped to summarize the findings of the research.

Is On-Page SEO Working? [Infographic]

Leow Tze Sheng works at GetClicks, a digital marketing agency based in Malaysia. He specializes in search engine marketing & conversion optimization. Sheng helps local businesses in Malaysia to get leads & sales through search engine. He loves to swim. Follow on Twitter and/or LinkedIn.

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