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Know Your Niches

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

There are all kinds of niches. You’ve got a niche as far as who your customers are, and a niche in what you sell or do. I’m realizing there is also a niche in what you are known for.

I have been interviewed a few times about Facebook and written articles about how to create Facebook Pages. People contact me believing I’m the go-to person on the subject. Maybe I am. I don’t feel that way, but I’ve put myself there through my experience, and that’s ok.

Time to Speak?

I know at the start of the year I took speaking off the table in terms of how I’d brand myself in 2010. Having just moved to San Diego, however, I’m finding opportunities abound for giving interactive social media presentations and how-tos. I enjoyed giving my Kirtsy/Microsoft class last year and can use the same formula for other presentations.

I feel like my experience and interest is leading me to this niche of helping business owners understand and use social media.

So add it to my list of niches. When an opportunity presents itself, you have to throw the old plan out the window if it doesn’t include this opportunity. So I’m opening up to the possibility of speaking locally on a casual basis (love the no-travel factor). I’ll see where it goes, and later can reassess whether speaking needs to be added in as a more aggressive component to my marketing strategy.

So what about you? What are your niches for:

  1. Customers

  2. Products or services

  3. Ways to market yourself as an expert


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