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  • Su Guillory

Living in a New School Marketing World

Over the years, marketing has transformed immensely. Old school marketing has been outdated with today’s “new” emerging marketing strategies. Press releases, search engine optimizers (SEO), and pay per click ads are taking over the marketing world. Old school marketing, such as direct mail and print ads, was generally used in previous years; however is still used by a small population of marketers today.

Living in a New School Marketing World

Most marketers used a direct mail campaign to target a certain market. They would research a specific mailing list in order to convince consumers to buy their product/service. Direct mail is a difficult way of advertising because most consumers consider direct mail junk mail and immediately toss it in the garbage. On the other hand, a print ad speaks to your audience strictly through visual means. Most marketers used print ads in magazines and newspapers to try and motivate the consumer to purchase their product/service.

Press releases, search engine optimizers, and pay per click ads are blowing up today’s marketing world. Most businesses use these three to market their product/services on the internet since today’s 21st century is internet savvy. These three strategies are inexpensive and effective. Businesses get the maximum exposure they need.

Being a college student, I learn about the different types of marketing techniques that are useful and give the most exposure to businesses. Internet marketing has become a major tool; therefore I believe that using press releases, search engine optimizers and pay per click ads is not only “New School Marketing” but “Future School Marketing.”

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