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Marketing Round-Up: LinkedIn Marketing

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This week’s round-up is all about LinkedIn Marketing. It includes posts about mistakes to avoid on LinkedIn, using LinkedIn Pulse, LinkedIn influencers, using the platform to brand yourself, tools and features to grow your business, LinkedIn marketing tips, an ultimate guide to LinkedIn marketing, and more.

7 Mistakes to Avoid When Doing LinkedIn Marketing – In order to maximize the benefits that LinkedIn has to offer, there are several common mistakes it’s best to avoid. Susan Guillory

How To Use LinkedIn Pulse To Drive Traffic And Subscribers To Your Blog – In this post I will show you exactly how to generate more exposure for your blog using LinkedIn – it’s easier than you think. Blogging Wizard

Getting More Out of LinkedIn – Here’s a great infographic from WhoIsHostingThis that provides tips for doubling your connections in just 5 minutes a day. Susan Guillory

LinkedIn Dos and Don’ts: 10 Influencers Share Their Best Advice – Over the years, LinkedIn has become sophisticated for veteran users and somewhat complicated for newbies. As such, I thought I would put together some tips from veterans to help new users get acclimated and take advantage of the site. AllBusiness.Com

Using LinkedIn Groups to Brand Yourself – If you’re actively looking for ways to brand yourself using social media, LinkedIn is a great tool to add to your armory. LinkedIn Groups are a whole other level of branding to consider. Susan Guillory

Top 10 Tips for Using LinkedIn for Marketing – Here are ten tips that can help you engage your audience and grow your business using LinkedIn for marketing. LinkedIn

8 LinkedIn Tools and Features that Can Help You Grow Your Business or Career – There are numerous success stories associated with these tools and features; all of which you can read about in the site’s About Us section. Susan Guillory

LinkedIn for Business: The Ultimate LinkedIn Marketing Guide – Here, you’ll find articles and resources to help beginner, intermediate, and advanced marketers use LinkedIn profiles, video, ads, analysis, and more for business. Social Media Examiner

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