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  • Su Guillory

Marketing That Works: Becoming a Brand

Today, becoming an expert in your field is easy. What’s difficult is becoming a brand. Recently I was contacted by an individual who wants to brand himself as a real estate expert. It got me thinking about better branding myself as The Marketing Eggspert.

  1. Relate why you are the superior brand to competitors

  2. Create an overall depiction of what your brand has to offer (are you funny? professional? approachable?)

  3. Promote yourself at every opportunity

I decided for my own branding, I would offer more ebooks, coaching and classes to establish myself as an individual who seeks to help small business owners promote themselves (but you know that already since you read my blog).

Here are some great examples of how others are branding themselves:

Chuck Norris, the serious renegade all of us know and some of us love, has taken a less-than-serious take on his own brand by creating a website of “Chuck Norris Facts.” Here, fans can submit their own “facts.” Visitors can design Chuck shirts, buy shirts and share videos.

Michael Russer of Russer Communications has branded himself as an expert in his field. Note how his website clearly defines useful tools for visitors (free resources, booking Michael for speeches and products).

Last but certainly not least is the ultimately branded person on earth: Oprah! Talk about a strong brand! She not only has her own talk show; she also has a magazine, book club, radio station, and charity organizations. We should all aspire to such greatness.

If you want to brand yourself, think about what you want to be known as. From there, build the concept of what your brand stands for, and promote the heck out of it!

For even more great examples of branding, read Accidental Branding: How Ordinary People Build Extraordinary Brands by David Vinjamuri.


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