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More Networking For Your Business

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

Bet I can make you cringe with just one word. Watch:



You felt a knot in your stomach, didn’t you? Believe me, I understand. I was once the shy little girl who hid from everyone. The last place I wanted to be was in a room full of strangers. Getting out of your comfort zone can be extremely difficult, especially if there’s no one forcing you to do so (I “luckily” have a husband that pushes me further than I would go myself).

But networking isn’t as scary as it seems. Just remember: everyone there feels exactly as unsure and unconfident as you do, despite what it seems from the outside.

Baby Steps

If you’re not sure about jumping into an evening event in your town, start small. There are hundreds of networking groups online that fill virtually every niche.

My personal favorite is (home-based working moms). It’s a network of working mothers (duh) that communicate via listservs and newsletters. The listservs are awesome if you work from home because you can toot your own horn (new client, interviewed on the news) and instantly complete strangers email you congratulating you and rallying behind you. The objective is to buy from one another or refer business to one another.

After being a member just a few days, I met Boca Beth through HBWM. She creates CDs and DVDs in Spanish and English. She’s an amazing woman (and I highly encourage you to buy her products if you have children). She first became a client, and now is a friend. In fact, my son is going to be in her next DVD (and maybe on television!).

My point is that you never know where networking can lead. It’s a great way to get new business referrals, find businesses that supply things that you need, and join a support group that you probably don’t even realize you need. But trust me, having your own cheerleading team is worth more than gold!

Here are a few of the hundreds of national networking groups that likely have local meetings near you:

  1. BPW (Business and Professional Women

  2. BNI International

  3. EWomenNetwork

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