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Need an Intuitive Business Coach?

I'm thrilled to announce a new component to my offerings: intuitive business coaching!

My aim is to help female entrepreneurs who have a business inside them waiting to be birthed, or who need to rekindle the flame in an existing business they run.

What is Intuitive Business Coaching?

I'm glad you asked. Rather than being a business coach who's a slave driver, telling clients what to do and how to do it, an intuitive business coach leads guessed it...intuition. It's not necessarily what a client says that informs me, but what they don't say and how they say it. I'm listening with heart, mind, and soul, and providing insights that can guide her to her next steps.

What Led Me Here?

I'm glad you asked that, too. I'd been feeling a disconnect in the work I did for a while. There was an imbalance of masculine and feminine that had me thrown off.

In business, you've got masculine energy when you're DOING or TAKING ACTION. Many of us cut our teeth in very masculine work environments that prioritized working late and on weekends. That didn't resonate with me.

I wanted instead to bring more feminine energy into my work. I started incorporating rituals—things as simple as lighting a candle and drawing an oracle card every morning—and I instantly felt the energy shift.

I also wanted a new challenge. I've been writing content for businesses for nearly 20 years, and I was ready for a new dimension of my work as a soul-led entrepreneur.

I realized that a lot of women who were following a spiritual path like me probably also felt that disconnect in their businesses. I wanted to help them find better balance. I wanted to help them feel fulfilled.

I underwent an intuitive coaching program and now have started working with my first clients. It feels incredible when one has a breakthrough that I helped facilitate!

You Might Need a Business Coach If...

Who can benefit from an intuitive business coach?

If you are an employee but you've dreamed of starting your own business, you might need a little guidance to figure out what your business should look like and how to get it off the ground.

If you run a successful business but your heart isn't into it and you're ready for something new, working with a coach can help you clarify your desires.

If you have lost the spark for your business and need to reignite that passion, I can help with that too.

If you just need help wrapping your brain around something in your business, I make a great sounding board!

I'd love to work with you. Get in touch and let me know how I can help.

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