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Photo Friday: Pineapples in Maui

My very favorite thing to do when traveling is eat foods I can’t get back home. You will never find me in a McDonalds in another country. When Max and I visited Maui, we stopped at a roadside stand selling pineapples, coconuts, and all manner of citrus. I sucked the coconut juice straight from a fresh coconut. It was heaven.

Food is part of the local experience. You are, essentially, eating like a local. It’s tourists that want to eat the same foods they find back home.

I remember walking down International Drive in Orlando when I lived there. This was the touristy area. A couple of Irish folks stopped us and asked where the nearest Irish pub was. I was puzzled. Why would they want a taste of home when there was so much more to discover in another country? It’s just not my style.

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