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Press Releases in a Technology-Driven World

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

I’ve always been a big proponent of press releases. They’re short, simple, and to the point. But lately I’ve been asking myself if they’re relevant in a world where journalists are bombarded with releases and there are thousands of releases online at any given point online.


I decided, yes, they are relevant. Here’s why.

1. Press releases boost SEO. Anything that helps move your business up that legendary search engine list is worth doing (short of paid placement). News is fleeting, but press releases will help move and stay up in rankings, especially if you put them out regularly.

2. Press releases make it seem like you’re important. There’s no real secret to writing and distributing press releases, but people seem mystified by the process. So if your business has releases out, it seems like you’re moving and shaking. Even if you’re not.

3. You gain exposure in new places with press releases. While it does seem impossible that a journalist will find your release among the millions and write a story, it is possible. It’s even more likely that a website related to your industry will pull in feeds from major distributors like PRWeb and your release will end up there. New exposure=new clients. With all that said, I always feel the need to include a disclaimer. I do not believe in writing press releases for no good reason. I have worked with companies that sent out releases of products that weren’t even new! They were just rehashed info sent out each week. Save this for an email promotion or direct mail. Your news release should be just that: news.

Here are some examples of newsworthy events:

  • grand opening of business

  • launch of new website

  • secured new client or major contract

  • won award or recognition

  • upcoming presentation or speaking engagement

  • donation to charity

  • noteworthy promotion

To keep a string of releases going, send a release before the event, during, and after to maximize coverage. If you don’t have anything newsworthy to report, make something! Marketing is an ongoing effort, and if you’re doing enough of it, you should always have a press release topic available.

Ready to start writing press releases? DIY Press Releases: Your Guide to Becoming Your Own PR Consultant can help. For just $2.99, you can get the instant Kindle download and learn how to write a press release, how to distribute it, and how to get journalists to write about your brand. Download now!

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