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  • Su Guillory

Resolutions for your Business

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

I know, I know, New Year’s resolutions are so cliche. But I’ve been making them for about 15 years, and unlike many people, I strive to achieve them all year long (well, at least until July). I already have my list of my personal resolutions, so here are mine for both my blog and my business.


1. Increase readership of blog to 5,000-10,000 unique readers per month. 2. Make blog profitable. 3. Expand Egg Marketing into marketing coaching, ebook products, and classes. 4. Listen to my husband/business partner’s good ideas for my businesses. 5. Continue to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses. 6. Translate blog readers into Egg clients. 7. Exceed my revenue projections for Egg. 8. Get in touch with my blog readers. 9. Continue to network, both in person and online. 10. Have my business run itself while I relax on a beach in another country!

You’ll notice most of my resolutions are pretty tangible. That’s the secret to making resolutions you can keep. We all know about the overdone “lose 5 pounds” resolution. Why not make your business resolutions ones you want to keep and believe you can?

When it comes to your business, where do you want to be in one year? What are your wishes about your business? If you never declare them, you’ll never make them come true. Sometimes all it takes is writing them down to get you on your way.

Please, share your resolutions with us!


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