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  • Su Guillory

Should I Use Social Networking as a Marketing Tool?

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

Many people who are just getting into Marketing 2.0 assume if there’s an internet-based tool available for marketing, they should use it. Not always the case. When it comes to social networking (Facebook, Twitter), it’s not always the best use of your time when it comes to marketing (and it can be pretty time-consuming). I myself wasted a lot of time setting up a Myspace account for Egg Marketing only to find that the few people that were interested in our services really couldn’t afford them. It’s important to know the demographic of these networking sites (the highest percentage being teens) before determining whether they’ll be useful in your marketing efforts.


1. Don’t join these sites just because you can and because everyone else is doing it. Really developing a presence on any one of these sites is labor-intensive, so have a purpose for doing so.

2. Most of these sites aren’t business-oriented (teens could care less about your paper company) so don’t be intrusive with your product mention. Find a way to work it in.

3. Just like anywhere else, your brand needs to represent something important to the consumer.

4. Creating an emotional connection with your audience, as usual, is important. If your target market frequents Myspace, make them want to be your “friend.”

5. There should be a logical connection between the viral marketing you’re doing and your brand. If you sell typewriters, social networking (on computers) won’t make sense.

6. Many companies offer incentives for people who join their social network. Think twice about this. Will that bring loyal customers or kids who just want a free ring tone? Carefully consider whether your ideal customer would want to be reached through social networking. For business-to-business companies, these are probably the least effective tools you’ll find (LinkedIn would be more up your alley). But if you sell Hello Kitty shirts or music, by all means, explore the magical world of social network marketing!

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