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The Do’s and Don’ts of Creating Eye-Catching Emails Using Heat Maps Data

Updated: Aug 1

Just about every business engages in some sort of email marketing campaign to engage their current customer base and to attract new customers.  Many businesses spend large marketing budgets to only achieve mediocre results with their email marketing campaigns. One thing business owners can do to achieve more effective email marketing, is to analyze their emails to find out what people find engaging.  Once they have that information, they can design their emails to more actively engage their customer base.

Easy SMTP partnered with computational neuroscience firm EyeQuant to use some of their specialized heat mapping software to analyze a number of email marketing campaigns to see how they were performing. The results of this study were turned into a comprehensive and visually appealing infographic that can be seen here.

All the email marketing campaigns analyzed in the infographic are rated based on 3 factors.  Those factors include a clarity score, an excitingness score, and an attention map score.  They then analyze each email and give pro tips on what can be fixed to make it more effective. The email examples listed cover a wide variety of marketing emails including an advertisement, a trade publication, a B2B email, a financial services email, as well as a product description email.  There’s a wide variety of email marketing examples included.

Based on the analysis of the email marketing campaigns in the infographic, they created a list of takeaways learned from the heat maps data.  Some of the interesting takeaways are as follows:

  1. Use white space to steer your user’s eye.

  2. By narrowing your options, you can focus your message.

  3. Keep a simple design, and contrasting call to actions.

  4. Keep a clean display for more technical content.

  5. Try to be mindful of colors and secondary elements in images.

To learn more about how heat maps data can help with creating effective and appealing emails, check out the infographic mentioned above.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Creating Eye-Catching Emails Using Heat Maps Data

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