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  • Su Guillory

The Secret to Getting Great Web Traffic

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

I, like many internet business owners, have been struggling to get more web traffic for years. It’s hard to stay on top of constantly producing content, updating my site’s look and just paying attention to what’s going on out there.

Then we launched GiveDaddy. Given my past experience in launching websites and blogs I expected it to be months before things really got hopping. Well, they’re hopping now. After just a week we’re getting a steadily increasing flow of traffic. I realized the secret to getting web traffic:

Make a site people want to go to.

It sounds simple, but it’s not. I have a marketing firm. I think that website is pretty darn good. But it doesn’t offer much more than a resume of my work. It’s not a place people want to hang out. GiveDaddy on the other hand, is. People love free stuff. We have no agenda (at least not for our subscribers. Companies will be presented with our numbers once they’re stellar and can buy advertising).   We’re not selling anything. We’re just offering fun giveaways to people who are interested.

Now that I’ve had this epiphany, I want to look at my other sites and see how I can provide something people want to visit. Maybe I can add an interactive component to my marketing site. I can write about different things on this blog (suggestions anyone?). I want to become a destination and not feel like I have to go out and recruit people to visit my sites!

What’s your experience with this? How do you create a site people want to go to?


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