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Travel Tip: How to Take ‘Gram-Worthy Travel Selfies

You already know that I love taking photos when I travel. Part of the fun for me is taking selfies in some cool exotic locale. But I realize there is a right and a wrong way to take selfies! Here, I share some tips for making sure yours make you look like the world-savvy traveler that you are.

1. Consider Your Background


How many times have you taken a photo only to realize later that you have a telephone pole or flower sprouting out of your head? I know you want to make sure you don’t have spinach stuck in your teeth, but while you’re at it, check your background to ensure that there’s nothing distracting or out of place there that could deter from your killer selfie.

2. Tilt Your Chin Up


This becomes essential the older you are: taking photos from below, where your face is tilted down, is never flattering. Instead, keep the camera level or slightly above eye level. No double chin!

3. Get Something Interesting in the Background


Not only do you want to avoid the lamp pole sprouting from your head, but you also want a background that tells a story. Otherwise, you could be taking a selfie on your couch. Landscapes and city scenes make great backdrops. Move around to see what makes the most interesting setting for your selfie. And don’t be afraid to take multiples! You might find it’s the 5th selfie you take that had something really cool going on in the background.

4. Try Different Angles


To be fair, you are limited with angles when you’re holding the camera yourself. Still, play around with holding the camera slightly above with two hands and then with one hand off to the side. Or get creative and use a mirror like I did in the top shot above.

5. Step Away from the Selfie


Debbie laughed at me on our Dolomite trip. “You and your selfies!”

For me, they told a story. There was the unifying link (they were all selfies. Duh), with different backgrounds. But let someone else take your photo once in a while. You’ll get their perspective, and get a different setting than you would at arm’s reach.

Bonus Tip: Skip the Selfie Stick!

I think selfie sticks are a waste of money. The fun of a selfie is that it’s up close, and your arm is long enough to get the job done. Plus, a selfie stick is just one more thing you have to pack!

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