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Viral Marketing Tips to Know

Last week I wrote about viral marketing. It’s everywhere. Then I read an article on Problogger about John Gerard, a man who is determined to become famous in 31 days. His ultimate goal is to get on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. He’s trekking across the country, from New York to L.A., telling everyone he meets about his mission. It’s a little a la “My Date with Drew.” That, I thought, is viral marketing at its finest. So I had to interview him to get his take on his viral campaign and get viral marketing tips from him.

EM: How are you marketing yourself on this project? JG: Every way possible. The web. E-mail blasts. Business Cards. Promotional T-shirts. Car Advertising. Word of mouth. Media.

EM: Did you create a marketing plan or are you winging it? JG: Winging it. Just like my itinerary.

EM: You’ve gotten a lot of media coverage already. Is that something you put effort into, or is it more the effect of viral marketing? JG: Yes! Both! I’m putting enormous effort in to this! And viral is amazing too! You can’t do without it!

EM: Viral marketing interests me in the fact that the public decides what is worthy of attention (who gets to be famous). What do you think about the probability of a normal guy with a crazy idea becoming a celebrity?

JG: People seem to love this idea. I think it’s because everyone fantasizes about leaving stability behind to go on some crazy adventure. And this way they get to do it vicariously from the comfort of their own living room sofa.

EM: What’s your day job? JG: Television producer – On air guy.

If this guy can get on Leno’s show (and I have no doubt in my mind that he will), why can’t you create a viral campaign around your product or service? John’s proving that it doesn’t take a lot of money or even being well-known in advance to have a successful viral marketing campaign. Model your viral marketing campaign after John:

1. Get the word out in every possible venue. Online. Email. Networking. Advertising. Press. Overlook nothing. 2. While John doesn’t have a plan (maybe that IS his plan), you should have one. Figure out what results you want to see and when. 3. Never turn down free press. John’s busy getting famous, but he took time to be interviewed by me, and as a result, he’ll have the billions of readers from Egg‘s blog visiting his site (ha. ha). 4. Don’t be afraid to get crazy. The more unusual the idea the better. Make the idea “stick.”

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