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  • Su Guillory

Web 2.0 vs. Web 3.0: Is There Really a Difference?

It’s interesting trying to research something before it’s officially defined (Web 3.0). I remember not long ago doing the same for Web 2.0 and now it’s fully upon us. But for those of you who just don’t plain understand what these numbers signify, let me try to break it down (and hey, I can’t be wrong because 3.0 hasn’t happened yet!).


Web 2.0 is the era of communication and Internet that is upon us now. It’s content, it’s blogs, it’s social networking. We’re starting to see these tools interact, but that’s early days.

For marketers, Web 2.0 means we’ve shifted away from traditional, old-school marketing like billboards and phone book ads. We’ve taken on new channels like email marketing, blogs and viral marketing.

So what’s in store for us with Web 3.0? Well, the jury is still out but think of it as taking your communication off the computer. Mobile, for example, is a great way for Web 3.0 to go with us in our pockets. You can now receive reminders of a doctor’s appointment, donate to charity or check your bank accounts using your phone. While this technology is available, I believe it has yet to be fully adopted (that will be when we consider ourselves in 3.0).

I heard a commercial on the radio that said you could download songs from an HDTV radio to iTunes. That’s a great example of Web 3.0. Think of Web 3.0 as portable, interactive and collaborative.

In marketing, this opens so many doors! Web 2.0 shifted our thinking from the old stagnant marketing we’ve been doing, so I think we’re better prepared to move into this next era where marketing is flexible and universal. I believe we’ll see television commercials change (who watches them anyway with DVR?) and advertising become more ingrained with media.

I’m thrilled to think of the opportunities that will be available to businesses in the immediate future. Aren’t you?

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