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What Makes Email Marketing So Effective?

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

E-mail is ubiquitous. E-mail has slowly and steadily replaced traditional mail and communication methods. This is one of the reasons why it is essential for all companies to dive into what makes email marketing so effective, that is if they have not done so till now.

E-mail marketing will always be important and vital to an organization’s marketing strategy, in spite of the onslaught made by social media marketing and despite some of the challenges offered by the preponderance of e-mail scams.

What Makes Email Marketing So Effective?

Research by survey companies show that the relevance of e-mail marketing is pretty strong; in fact, there has been a steady increase in the numbers of customers acquired through e-mail. Customer acquisitions via e-mail marketing account for nearly 7% of the total customer aggregation and stand next in number to that obtained through organic search. Social media is still far behind in terms of leveraging customer acquisitions.

E-mail marketing is easy

E-mail marketing remains the easiest way to reach customers especially when you are just starting out. With the increase in mobile device usage, most people access mail on their mobiles and tablets regularly. So, sending your content via e-mail is a great strategy – simple, fast and efficient. You do not need to spend massively to invest in an e-mail marketing program. You can also be assured of the fact that people will be more patient in reading through your content at their own pace.

The other advantages of e-mail marketing are that:

  1. More content can be passed in an e-mail as compared to an SMS.

  2. Emails are accessible on many devices and not just through mobile phones.

E-mail marketing is cheap

Unlike traditional marketing, e-mail marketing is much more cost-effective. In traditional paper-based marketing, you may need to shell out money on paper, postage, and stationery. You would also need to hire a dedicated post boy or girl who would be in charge of collecting and disposal of mail and you would need to wait for several days. This can be extremely expensive.

E-mail marketing is instantaneous, you can reach your customers within seconds, you can craft personalized e-mails for different categories of customers and you are also contributing to saving paper and the environment.

E-mail marketing is stronger and more reliable as compared to social media marketing

Many may think that social media is the new king of online marketing but reality tells a different story. E-mail marketing is still central to marketing efforts. However, the power of e-mail marketing and social media efforts can be combined to generate a powerful strategy.

E-mail marketing ensures segmented delivery of content

As mentioned earlier, you can also choose to generate different e-mail messages for different categories of customers and mail them simultaneously. Thus, you can achieve targeted marketing without even moving from your chair. How cool is that! In addition, you can create your messages, store and schedule them for delivery, days in advance, thanks to sophisticated software.

Thus, in spite of the tough competition offered by social media, e-mail marketing still remains very relevant and necessary for marketers as it provides some very convenient and unbeatable advantages.

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Mallory Zoe is a freelance writer and a student counselor with Lifesaver Essays. She was formerly a lecturer at Samford University and, she loves writing and blogging about education, finance, investment, family and health.

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