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  • Su Guillory

Why You Should Be Thankful as a Small Business Owner

If you’re like me, the entire year zooms by until I look up and say, “It’s November? Where did the time go??” The good thing about the holidays in fourth quarter is they give us opportunity to take stock of what we’re grateful for, and to show our appreciation to our employees and customers.

I try to always be thankful of what I have, but this time of year, I really take stock. Besides my family and friends, I am thankful as a small business owner for so much. After all, I pushed further than the average 9-to-5er and took a risk on launching a business. I put in long hours in the hopes that it’ll work. And sometimes it does.

Thankful as a Small Business Owner? Make a List.

You don’t have to wait until Christmas to make a list and check it twice. Instead, sit down and write out what you have to be thankful for. It’s easy to focus on what’s wrong about our businesses, but how often do we actually appreciate how far we’ve come? Being grateful can help you get a better viewpoint of your business and where it is in the big picture. Think about how you’re able to do what you’re passionate about, the people who help you make your business a success each day and the customers who make the whole endeavor possible. Make a list of everything you can be thankful for.

Here’s why I’m thankful as a small business owner:

  1. I’ve created something from nothing

  2. I have a flexible schedule that means I can spend time with my son

  3. I get to work with entrepreneurs who are passionate about what they do

  4. I have writing talent

  5. I’m finally hitting my financial goals for the year

  6. I can take off a week (or a month), still make money and not lose clients

  7. People know me and my work

  8. My clients love my work

If you only count your blessings one time a year, make it in the fall.  Thanksgiving is a great opportunity to change your perspective to be more positive and to realize you are the sum of your blessings as a business owner.

Photo:  QuintanaRoo on Flickr


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