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Why You Should Use a VPN for SEO

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

This blog is a great resource for individuals and businesses that hope to add new tools to their social media and online marketing belts, and it is one of my favorite blogs to subscribe to. Readers will be interested in this recent piece on improving SEO by using social media marketing.

SEO and online marketing require that you consider every possible tool and adjust your strategies on a daily basis. This week’s miracle website is forgotten in a month. That is the nature of the business, but there is no reason to fear. You are intelligent and can keep on top of everything. Start to consider tools outside of the box, and one of the first ones you should consider is the Virtual Private Network (VPN).

If you are wondering what a VPN is, it is a service that allows you to connect to an offsite secure server and reroute all of your traffic through that service. The connection is encrypted (keeping your data safe) and the server will mask your IP address, making it look like you’re actually browsing the internet from the server location. While originally developed for military and business use, over the past decade their use by consumers and others has exploded.

Here are some of the main reasons you should consider using a VPN for SEO:

It Offers Protection

If you are an SEO or marketing professional, you likely work with some extremely sensitive accounts and data that cannot be lost under any circumstances. Your reputation and pay will often fall on your ability to protect this information, and if you are working for yourself, then months of work can be lost with a simple hack. You need protection.

A VPN is your best defense against hackers lurking on public networks, which is one of the worst direct threats to your data that you can encounter. They’re common, and with a simple program and a laptop they can take advantage of an unprotected network (such as one in an airport or bookstore) and intercept any data being sent or received on the network. This includes your SEO-related data and login information, which can lead to a disaster very quickly if the hacker knows where to sell it (and they do).

A VPN protects you by encrypting your connection, and with it hackers likely won’t even know you’re in the building. If they do, all they’ll be able to know is that you’re connecting to the internet using a VPN. They won’t bother with you once they see that, and your data will be safe.

Better Access for Search Results Overseas

Do you ever wonder what search results look like in the UK? While there are tools that can tell you such things, sometimes being able to see the page as if you’re a native is the real key to a SEO breakthrough. Being able to get inside the head of a potential customer or reader allows you to optimize your own processes to attract them.

A VPN lets you appear as though you’re using the internet from the location of your server, so the above scenario is within your grasp. The UK is just an example, as most VPN services offer servers in more than 50 countries, with some of the best offering them in more than 100. Combined with your other SEO tools the possibilities are nearly endless, and you might be the one to notice patterns that would otherwise go ignored, letting you score big.


When you’re doing research or making inquiries there’s a good chance that you don’t want to leave a trail of online footprints for others to follow. It might be for your protection or perhaps you don’t want people to know you’re a marketing professional just yet. Perhaps you’re looking into buying links but don’t want that information to be released. You might just be a private individual (a wise decision).

Regardless of your needs, a VPN offers you anonymity online by hiding your IP address, which is one of the best general defenses you can have online. People have a hard time attacking what they can’t see, and you can avoid government or organizational tracking in this way. Sometimes sitting on the sidelines and taking a look at the field before entering is the way to success.

There’s No Better Tool for Travelers

Many SEO professionals and online marketers are world travelers, and if you find yourself outside of your home country more often than you are home, you owe it to yourself to get a VPN as a traveler just as much as a professional.

Here are a few benefits to consider:

  1. You will have to use public or otherwise unsafe networks frequently if you work while travelling, and you will need the encryption a VPN provides.

  2. Many countries have government censorship of the internet, which you need full access to as an online professional. Using a VPN you can just appear as though in a country without that censorship and thus conduct activities normally.

  3. Regional restrictions are a similar concern. You can’t have services denied to you just because of your location, and a VPN allows you to appear home and use those services. You can even take a break and watch your favorite shows from the US no matter where in the world you are.

  4. You’ll be able to stay untracked no matter where you are in the world.

A VPN is something you should most certainly give a shot before you dismiss it (most providers offer a trial). Creative people can find even more uses than the reasons above for SEO, and there are very few disadvantages to using the service if you find a good one. You have a new window to the rest of the world, and you will get protection many people don’t even know exists.

Do you have any thoughts on the matter? Many people use a VPN for other reasons, and we’d love to hear your informed opinion on the matter. If you have any stories or comments, we encourage you to post below to keep this conversation flowing.

Cassie Phillips is a technology and internet security specialist who has been spending her time writing to get important information such as this out to the masses. She has a deep interest in SEO and its ability to spread the message of the future and security topics. You can also find and follow her on Twitter.


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