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Goddess Oracle Readings

Tarot Card Deck

Looking for direction in your life? Have a question about love, work, or purpose?

In a Goddess Reading, I connect with the Divine to get the answers you seek. I draw the card of the Goddess who is eager to speak with you, then go within to commune with Her.

I'll present you with a Goddess Reading Manuscript that provides an overview of the conversation I had with the Goddess, and information about Her. I'll also share any crystals that called to me when I meditated on your question.

Disclaimer: Goddess Readings are not intended as professional advice. They are for entertainment purposes only. Goddess may provide guidance, but your life decisions are your own.

Please note that the properties of the Goddess I work with are not always part of the message. So if She doesn't resonate with you, it does not mean the message was not for you. There are Goddesses in many religions and cultures, but keep in mind: whatever the wrapping, it's still just Goddess! Each reading is highly personal. Sometimes Goddess does not answer your question directly but instead imparts messages She feels you need now.

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