Hi there. Welcome to my cozy little virtual house.

I’m a dabbler. I dabble in running a business, being creative, traveling, and trying to figure out dating at this stage of my life. This site brings together everything that makes me me so that you, Dear Reader, can pick and choose your own adventure (remember those books? I feel like my life is one of those!).

Unexplorer: Travel Like a Local

Join me as I travel through Italy, France, Poland, and much more. This isn’t your typical travel guide; it’s more a reflection on my travel experiences.

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Unfettered & Fabulous

Being divorced and dating after 40 is like a rom-com gone bad. Ghosting, dating apps...can't we go back to the way things were??

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Egg Marketing: Content for Businesses

My content marketing firm helps small businesses up through corporations with blog content, web copy, books, and more.

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